“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory.” (Is 6:3)

I struggle to get out of my rut of always doing. I turn quiet time with God into working for Him. I diligently read Scripture, pray, journal, read a devotional, and an assortment of other tasks. In the context of my normal driven frame of mind, worship seems so unproductive. Perhaps this is why worship is so important. It is one of the few pure acts of love toward God. 

The word “worship” means to ascribe worth.  When I worship, I am right-sizing who God is and who I am. I love the phrase in Psalms, “Magnify the Lord.” (Ps 34:3 KJV) I imagine making God larger and larger until He fills up all my vision. When Moses came down from receiving the Ten Commandments, full of the vision of God, his face shone so brightly that the Israelites had to cover their eyes. When Isaiah, taken up to heaven, saw the glory of God, he fell on his face. When Thomas saw the risen Jesus after doubting that he was truly alive, Thomas cried, “My Lord and my God.” (John 20:28)

Worship is the center of our walk with God, not an accessory. I admit that I often do not treat it that way. When I step back, though, I am drawn to pause from doing and to start worshiping.

For me, worshiping does not come naturally. To that end, I offer the following thoughts on becoming more of a worshiping Christian. These thoughts are far from exhaustive but hopefully will spark a more expansive view of the many ways we worship God.

  • Don’t neglect church – Many times I have foregone the effort to go to church and substituted it with listening to the sermon online or extending my quiet time. The problem with this is that worshiping with others is far different than listening to a sermon. Singing and praying and hearing God’s Word draws me to Him.
  • Get outside and worship God in His creation – Isaiah says, “the whole earth is full of His glory.” When I am open, I begin to see God’s magnificence in the sun and moon, the morning fog, the trees, and the hills. I am drawn to worship when I stop and revel in His creation all around me.
  • Find worship music which draws your spirit to Him – We all have music which speaks to us in different ways. For some, it may be a hymn. For others, it may be contemporary worship music or classical music. At the right time, with the right music, I find that I stop all my mental gyrations and worship through the music I experience. Music finds a way of moving through the mind to the heart.
  • Worship with a few others – There is nothing that precludes a small group from using some of its time to simply worship God. Though it might be awkward at first, what greater practice can we do with one another than to stop and give God glory.

What draws your heart to worship? We all are unique and drawn to Him in different ways. Share in the comments below your heart for worship.