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“By wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” (Prov 24: 3-4)

Wisdom is rarely talked about these days. The rage is productivity, building great habits, and having focus. These are great, but wisdom is far better. Perhaps wisdom is set aside because it is deeper and takes more effort. Wisdom is hard to define and yet we know wisdom when we see it. Intuition, discernment, knowledge, insight all combine to form wisdom. Formulas do not create wisdom. Life, suffering and diligent pursuit slowly form a person of wisdom.

Proverbs compares the forming of wisdom to building a house. We are that house. By wisdom, its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. What a glorious image of that which God desires to do in us; to uniquely make us into a house filled with beautiful and rare treasures. The book of Proverbs is filled with descriptions of what those treasures look like. Wisdom enhances the quality of relationships. Wisdom avoids the pitfalls of impulsive decisions. Wisdom invests money, time, and energy for the long haul, rather than grabbing immediate gratification. Wisdom enjoys the fruit of peaceful contentment, joyful experience, and satisfying purpose.

This is the life of one who has gained wisdom.

Too often we approach wisdom as something that you either have or don’t have. But Proverbs suggests that we can grow in wisdom. It calls us to pursue wisdom and value wisdom.

Here are four steps toward wisdom:

  • Commit to a growth plan, whether through reading, listening, taking classes, or some other means.
  • Guard your heart against major pitfalls that can derail you for a lifetime.
  • Find a mentor. We grow in wisdom as we learn to seek and accept wise counsel.
  • Play the long game. Invest for the future. Plan and dream ten years down the road.

The point of wisdom is not to impose rules and restrictions, but to put us on a path towards the good life. A life without wise boundaries and guardrails will expose us to landmines that can take decades to recover from.

Pursue the rare and beautiful treasures of wisdom.

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