Bring Good

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“She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.” (Prov. 31: 12)

Bringing good is such a simple, clear thing to do. Yet, so many relationships are devoid of this simple wisdom. Days pass in which we bring nothing to the other “loved” one. We pass by one another covering needed business, but do we bring good? Do we connect? We hunger for greater intimacy yet neglect the basic call to do good, not harm. Consider Gary Chapman’s, Five Love Languages, as a model for how you might do good on a daily basis for one you love.

  1. Acts of Service – What small or large act of service might you do for your loved one? Trash? Dishes? Laundry? Grocery shopping? 
  2. Words of Encouragement – Encouragement literally means to “put courage in.” What might you say to encourage your loved one?
  3. Quality Time – While quantity time is important, quality time is critical in our days of distraction and multi-tasking. Give devoted, singular, undistracted time for at least a few minutes each day.
  4. Touch – Touch heals. Touch communicates. Conversely, lack of touch also communicates. Touch the one you love in a loving, gentle way. 
  5. Gifts – Small, thoughtful, regular gifts mean more than large gifts. A gift from the heart communicates love.

Chapman’s encouragement is to learn to speak the love language that the other person desires, not the one that comes most natural to you.

Love is more than a feeling, it is specific action that brings good. If you desire more from your relationship with the one you love, whether it is a friend or a spouse, then bring them love in their favorite love language each day and watch the love slowly blossom.

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