“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:12-13)

I am working on this, but at times I still get in a mad rush. The sad truth is that it usually doesn’t help. I drive faster but get held up at stoplights and arrive at the same time I would have if I hadn’t rushed. I get impatient over issues and with people that almost always resolve themselves despite my impatience.

God is never in a rush.

We need to learn so much, but He knows that we cannot bear it. And so, He teaches us through the Holy Spirit as we can bear it. He is not worried that He will run out of time with us; He has eternity to teach us. While we see time as running out, He patiently feeds us as we are able to be fed.

I find it fascinating that when God came down in human form as Jesus, He spent His first 30 years out of sight. Only then did He work publicly. Even then, though He only had 3 years to do all that He had to do, He never seemed to rush. He moved diligently and intentionally, but never quickly as if He was behind schedule. If this was true with Jesus, who only had three years to accomplish all that He had to do, how much more should it be true with us! 

We see through the lens of a defined lifetime and worry that we are running out of time. God sees through the lens of eternity. He sees our future and knows that He has all the time in the world to do in us that which He desires to do. God defines patience.

What do we do with the patience of God?

How should His patience impact the way we live our lives? Perhaps we might choose to be patient with others in honor of Him. Maybe we choose to slow down our lives and push back against the frenetic pace all around us.

A great way to embrace the patience of God is to be patient with ourselves and consciously trust His work in us and around us even when things seem to be moving excruciatingly slow. He is not finished with us. God is never late.

Right now, every one of us has the opportunity to practice patience.

Pick one area that is driving you crazy, where impatience is so difficult. Take a deep breath and see that situation with God’s eyes, God’s patience. Let His patience become your patience. When we learn to practice patience in this way, we will find the peace of God more evident in our days.

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  • Kim Condyles says:

    So true! Take a deep breath and slow down. My father is always telling me that! I keep telling myself that! I tell my daughters that! Now we just need to do that!
    Thanks so much. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. It helps to keep me in line and remind me of what is truly important.

  • Rana Morse says:

    This sure rings true for me. Thanks Tommy. Needed it today!

  • Nelson E Ould says:

    Very, reassuring, that God is not absent, or asleep at the wheel, even when “nothing seems to be happening” with God in our lives.