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Too Good to be True with David Ask

By April 25, 2024No Comments

In this episode, Tommy Thompson interviews David Ask, diving into David’s entrepreneurial journey, involvement in mastermind groups, and the importance of finding one’s true north. David shares insights from his background in music to starting a business with his brother-in-law and developing StatGuard Plus. The conversation explores the significance of mastermind groups in personal and professional growth, with David highlighting the support and accountability they provide.

David emphasizes the significance of creating space for deep introspection to discover and affirm one’s unique strengths and values. The episode also touches on the transformative effect of recognizing and pursuing what truly matters, encouraging listeners to engage in self-reflection and embrace their authentic selves.


Episode Highlights:

01:24 David Ask: A Man of Many Talents and Passions

08:19 The Entrepreneurial Journey of David Ask

21:50 True North and the Guardians of Grit: Defining Resilience and Purpose

26:03 The Importance of Core Values and Guiding Principles

34:44 Redefining Identity and Embracing True Self

37:40 Challenges of Parenting and Legacy Building

39:08 Discovering Purpose and Core Values

44:40 The Importance of Community and Relationships

56:50 Action Steps Towards Personal Fulfillment

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