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Reframing Your Relationship with the Bible: A Fresh Approach

By June 6, 2024No Comments

This episode of ‘Space for Life’ podcast dives into the personal and transformative journey of reading the Bible through a fresh lens. Tommy shares his conviction about the Bible’s profound impact on personal growth, mindset, and relationships, stemming from over 50 years of engagement. He introduces an acronym, ‘ROMP’, aimed at reframing our approach to the Bible from an obligation to a source of life and engagement. 

‘ROMP’ stands for Read Slowly, Observe, Meditate, and Personalize, offering a practical toolkit for diving deeper into scripture. Tommy emphasizes the importance of treating the Bible not just as text, but as a living, active conversation with God capable of penetrating the depths of the human heart and mind. By advocating for a slow, observant, meditative, and personalized reading practice, the episode invites listeners to experience the Bible as a transformative power in their lives.

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