Question – Who Do I Want to Become?

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            The question, “Who do I want to become?” may be the most challenging of all the questions we have asked over the last few weeks of these posts. The question begins with the acknowledgment that we are becoming. One year from now, ten years from now, we will not be the same person we are today. The change may be good or bad. But we will change. When we realize this, we come to see the importance of this question. Either we will let circumstances and moment-by-moment reaction steer the direction of our becoming, or we will grab the wheel and point it toward who we want to become. Granted, life will have its storms, but clear intention will allow us to navigate those storms to safer, bluer waters.

            The difficulty with the question is its immensity. Here’s a way around this issue. Write a series of Becoming Statements covering the various categories of your life. For instance, your Financial Becoming Statement might read, “I want to become financially free. For me, that means being debt-free while also becoming a genuinely generous person.” 

Your Becoming Statement might seem like a dream, out of reach, but let yourself dream. Writing down your vision will guide you closer to its reality than you might imagine.

Here’s a list of potential categories for Becoming Statements:

  • Financially
  • Relationally
  • Spiritually
  • As a Spouse
  • As a Parent
  • Vocationally
  • In My Experiences
  • Emotionally
  • In My Character
  • In My Health

Add you own categories to this list. Be creative. Dream a little and have fun with the exercise.

This exercise will take some time, so pace yourself. Perhaps, take one category per week. Before long, you will have a vivid picture of who you want to become, which will be worth all of the effort.

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