Question – What Do I Want?

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            Such a simple question. It almost seems like a waste of time. We know what we want, right? Jesus didn’t seem to think so. He asked the question often of those he encountered, including a man who was blind from birth. Why did He ask such an obvious question?

            Imagine a blind man whose entire life consisted of going to the same place every day to beg for enough money. His relationships centered around his unfortunate situation. His identity was “the man born blind.” He could have answered the question in many different ways. He could have said, “Give me enough money so that I don’t have to beg each day.” Or he could have quipped, “Make others stop looking down on me. I did nothing wrong.” Perhaps the thought crossed his mind that he had no skill or way of making any money if he was healed. The answer was not so obvious. But still, he answered, “I want to see.”

            What is your big answer to the question, “What do you want?”  The answer is more important than you think. If you have clarity on your deepest desire, it will steer your life. So many people plod through their days fulfilling roles and doing tasks that have nothing to do with their hearts. For instance, they deeply want a life of purpose and impact yet have settled for a job that only provides a paycheck. Once we answer the question, we can then go back to the first question, “What one thing can I do that will lead me in that direction?” Then step by step, habit by habit, choice by choice, we can begin moving toward our heart’s desire.

            This question can apply to all areas of our life. We can ask, “What do I really want financially?” “What do I really want in my marriage or my friendships?” “What do I really want in health?” “What do I really want in my relationship with God?”

            It can be scary to ask this daunting question. But, if we never ask this core question, we may look back one day wondering what might have been. Be brave. It’s never too late to ask this critical question.

            My suggestion is to take one form of the question, and each week find 30 minutes to an hour to sit and write down your answer. Sometimes you may need additional time. Give yourself the time to think deeply and go beyond the surface. The simple question, “What do you want” may change the trajectory of your life. 

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