Can you imagine what it feels like to walk on water?

The apostle Peter can. In the middle of the night on stormy seas, Peter saw Jesus walking on the water. With amazing abandon, Peter called out to Jesus, and jumped out of the boat. Think about it! He jumped out of a boat into a raging sea. He could have easily drowned! But he didn’t. He walked on water! His watery voyage walking on water didn’t last long before he realized what he was doing and sank, leaving it to Jesus to rescue him. But what a glorious few steps they were! I’m sure he never forgot that day and that feeling. 

What has always intrigued me, though, is thinking of the other disciples. While Peter was walking on water, and then sinking, the other disciples were nestled in the relative safety of the boat. They had been with Jesus just like Peter. They had seen the unbelievable miracles He had performed. But they stayed in the boat. Only Peter got out of the boat.

Bold steps of faith can be scary.

Even small steps of faith can be daunting and fill us with fear. Faith is a muscle to be exercised.

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In other words, before you can walk on water, you have to walk on puddles. Puddles are more manageable, even though we don’t know what lies beneath the surface of the puddle. Small acts of faith can still be intimidating. 

What puddles of water might Jesus be calling you to walk?

Maybe a friend is in pain and you need to go visit and pray for her, but you feel inadequate. Maybe God is calling you to trust Him with some problem in your life, but you want to hang on to your worry. Maybe you have hesitated to share your faith when opportunities have arisen because you feel like a hypocrite and others might think you are a fanatic. Maybe you need to forgive someone who hurt you deeply long ago, but you are scared to let go of that wound. Maybe you need to step out and test a place you think God might be calling you, but the risk feels huge.

God may not be calling you today to walk on water, but is He gently calling you to walk on puddles? The wonderful truth is that sometimes puddle-walkers become water-walkers.

What puddle of water might Jesus be calling you to walk on this week?