One Reflection About Creativity

Two C.S. Lewis Fiction Favorites

Chronicles of Narnia – I recently reread all seven of the Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis has an uncanny ability to communicate human and spiritual truths through magical stories.  I particularly like The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. As good as it is, I found the end of The Last Battle to be the most breathtaking description of heaven I have ever read.

The Great Divorce – This short allegory about a group of people who take a bus ride from hell to heaven is delightful. He describes hell as a place where people keep on moving further and further apart because they can’t get along with each other. Yet that lonely expanse of hell exists between two blades of grass in heaven. Lewis keeps on surprising the reader with conversations and images which change our view of God and how He views our lives.

Three Quotes

“Play is the stick that stirs the drink. It is the basis of all art, games, books, sports, movies, fashion, fun, and wonder – in short, the basis of what we think of as civilization. Play is the vital essence of life. It is what makes life lively.” ( Stuart Brown, Play)

“We suffer from play deprivation, nature deficit disorder, awe depletion, compassion fatigue, imagination suppression, and more. As a result I think we suffer from God deprivation too.” Christine Aroney-Sine, The Gift of Wonder)

“The defining factor among couples who were able to find romance again, and even to find new fields of emotional intimacy previously unexplored, was that they were able to find ways to play together. Those who played together, stayed together.” (Stuart Brown, Play)

Four Reasons to be Like a Kid Again

Kids are Curious – Kids are naturally curious. What parent hasn’t encountered the endless series of “Why” questions from their child in the backseat. “Why did God create the devil?” When we encounter an adult who is still curious, we are enthralled with their zest for understanding and knowledge. We are so used to adults always having the answers. Curiosity breeds creativity and wonder.

Kids have Fun – Do we think that we are so vital to the salvation of humanity that we can’t take time to have fun? The regular practice of doing things that are fun brings balance to our constant striving, and even enhances our ability to discover fresh answers and solutions to our work.

Kids Have Tender Hearts – I remember sitting and watching Perrin when she was three years old watching Dumbo with tears streaming down her cheeks. Kids haven’t put up all the walls to their feelings that are so common with adults. Yes, this opens them up to pain and sadness, but it also frees them to experience joy.

Kids Trust – Kids are not so shackled by the need for proof. They trust their parents, their friends, and they trust God. Too many adults believe that only what we see is real, unaware that the unseen – faith, love, hope – is the source of what is beautiful.


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