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A Journey of Healing through Love with Kim Sorrelle

In this episode of ‘Space for Life,’ host Tommy engages in a profound conversation with Kim Sorrelle, Director at Rays of Hope International and author of Love Is, who shares her inspiring journey of love, loss, and healing. Kim recounts her story of marrying young, facing breast cancer at 47, and the subsequent devastating loss of her husband to pancreatic cancer. Despite these challenges, Kim talks about the power of love, the healing nature of service, and how these experiences led her to understand and express love in its truest form. Throughout the year following her husband’s death, Kim embarked on a personal quest to decode the essence of love as described in 1 Corinthians 13, discovering that love transcends beyond emotions to a way of life, embodying patience, kindness, and a lack of record-keeping of wrongs. Kim’s journey illustrates how service can be a remarkable healer of grief and how redefining narratives around our experiences can alter our perspective on love and life itself.

Episode Highlights:

00:22 Introducing Kim Sorrelle: Author and Director of Rays of Hope International

02:17 Kim’s Personal Battle with Breast Cancer and a Family’s Ordeal

15:32 A Dream of Comfort and Messages from Beyond

19:17 Life After Loss: Moving Forward with Purpose

21:35 Finding Healing Through Service: Kim’s Work in Haiti

25:12 Embarking on a Year of Living Like Jesus

25:21 The Deep Dive into Love: A Year-Long Journey

26:14 Discovering the True Meaning of Love

27:57 A Challenging Month: Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

33:57 Learning to Change the Narrative

36:41 The Lasting Impact of a Year Focused on Love

43:59 Applying Love in Everyday Life

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