Life Mission and Superman

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I grew up watching Superman. I think I may have actually liked Clark Kent as much as I did Superman.  Perhaps because I was shy, I resonated with Clark. On a recent marketing podcast, I heard Gary Vaynerchuk referring to Superman when it came to the issue of following purpose in our lives. The general thought was that a person may need to be Clark Kent by day in order to create the possibility of being Superman by night. That got my wheels turning.

Clark Kent was a great reporter. He was also a good human being. His character was the same whether he was Clark Kent or Superman. Clark Kent diligently performed his job with excellence and integrity. He used The Daily Planet to pay his bills. Clark Kent allowed Superman to be Superman.

Life Mission for some will become their career and source of income. For many others, Life Mission will be a calling that happens within and around responsibilities that are necessary for everyday life, whether that is a job, taking care of kids, or school. For over 30 years now I have owned and operated businesses. Within that job and outside of that job I have lived my calling to be a teacher of life. The opportunities to live my calling, both inside and outside of the job, have been a source of joy for me beyond what I would have ever imagined. I have never lacked for opportunities to live out my Life Mission. In fact, I believe that God has used my job in the business world to enhance my effectiveness in exercising my Life Mission. God knows best!

As you continue to mull on your Life Mission, don’t let your job hold you back.

God may call you to a change, but He is just as likely to call you to live out your sense of Life Mission right where you are. In other words, bloom where you are planted. Your call, and my call, is to be faithful to who God made us to be. God will take care of the rest!

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